Famous American Project

There are many Americans who have contributed to the rich history of our nation. You've already read about many of them in your Social Studies book. Some of them have done amazing things that have made them famous.
You will take a journey back to learn about important people who contributed to our country's history from colonial times until the Civil War.

We will be using the Internet and books to research famous Americans who have had an impact on the history of the United States.  Everyone will be researching a different person.

When you've completed your research, you will create a Google Doc presentation that will be presented to the class and shared with the world on the Internet.

By presenting to the class, we'll all share in learning about many famous Americans. Through publishing on the Internet, you will be able to share your learning with the world.

This project and assessment was designed for the 5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum
Maine Learning Results - History A. Chronology 2. Identify the sequence of major events and people in the history of Maine, the United States, and selected world civilizations.


You will:

Examine the life of a famous American. Consult at least three (3) sources of information, one print resource and two from the Internet. Compile a bibliography.
    Be sure to include the following details:
    1. Important dates and events from the person's life. (Birth, education, marriage, careers, inventions, leadership roles, etc.) At least six (6) events or details are necessary.
    2. How the person influenced history. Why is this person famous?
    3. Construct a time line using Timeline of at least six (6) major and important events.
    4. Construct a Google Doc presentation that highlights the major events and accomplishments of the person you have researched. Make sure to include pictures and other media to help make the presentation more interesting.  


    1. Research information about a famous American. As you do the research, write down on your notes pages important dates and events from the person's life. Important events would include birth, education, marriage, careers, inventions, leadership roles, as well as other important happenings. At least six events or details are necessary. Be sure to include a date for each item. Before you take your notes, be sure to write down the bibliographical information for the source you are using.

    2. Consult three or more resources for your information. Use the Internet, encyclopedias, and books. Keep track of your sources as you're responsible for including this as a part of your slideshow. You need to use at least two (2) Internet and one (1) print resource!

    3. Fill out a rough draft of your timeline. After you have it approved by a teacher, create it on the computer.

    4. Create a presentation using Google Docs.  Share it with your teacher(s) so they can edit and approve your work. Include key points about your famous American and what they did that made them important in American History. Slides should include:

  • Slide 1 - Title Slide
  • Slides 2-4 - Why my American was famous
  • Slide 5 - TimeLine 0f Famous American (at least 6 events)
  • Slide 6 - Bibliography 

    5. Present your presentation slide show to the class. Use note cards in conjunction with the slides to help you to explain the life of your famous American. 

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