Colonial America

Links to Colonial America:

The 13 Colonies (Brain Pop Movie)

YouTube Videos - Colonial Economy - This webite is from the PBS series Colonial House.  Check out the Interactive History section. - Social Studies for Kids site. - Clickable Map of 13 Colonies - Daily Life in Colonial America - Life in Colonial America - Very cool site - Check out Building your Plantation in Maryland and A Colonial Family in Connecticut Links. - Colonial Kids - A Celebration of Life in the 1700's - Scholastic's unit on Colonial Life in America - Lot's of information and things to do. - An interactive site where you can dress up a colonist and learn about the clothing worn in Colonial times.

Plimoth Plantation - The webpage for Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts

Plymouth and the First Thanksgiving - Go on the Mayflower Voyage, learn about daily life and take part in the first Thanksgiving Feast - You are the Historian - Investigating the First Thanksgiving

Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia - Colonial Williamsburg for Kids - Lots of information - Interactive Game about John Smith and Jamestown - Official Sites of Jamestown and Yorktown - Slideshow about Jamestown - Virtual Field Trip to Jamestown and resources - Archaelogical Site - Colonial Williamsburg Website - Cool virtual tour of Colonial Williamsburg - Jamestown Adventure Game