Project Based Learning

Please visit these links for valuable information and resources for Project Based Learning.

Apple Education
Challenge Based Learning is an engaging multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real-world problems.

Buck Institute for Education
The Buck Institute for Education (BIE) is a non-profit, research and development organization
dedicated to improving the practice of teaching and the process of learning.

Internet's largest global community of connected classrooms.  

The George Lucas Educational Foundation
See the section on Project Based Learning

Global SchoolNet
Global SchoolNet's mission is to support 21st century learning and improve academic performance through content driven collaboration.

Reinventing Project Based Learning Blog
Based on the Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age by Krauss and Boss a book that showcases teachers on the leading edge of project design. Like their students, they use emerging and tried-but-true technologies to communicate, connect, and collaborate.

Project Foundry
Project Foundry is a proven online project based learning management system built by practitioners who understood the value of the pedagogy and inherent need for a streamlined tool that engages students andensures meaningful academic results.